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Kyoko Uchida


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Design leader dedicated to tackling intricate challenges and empowering users through innovative solutions. My journey is centered around harnessing design as a catalyst for positive change, navigating complexities, and fostering an environment where people can thrive.

My approach

I am passionate about bringing people, process, and product together to create meaningful and impactful solutions. 


Fostering a collaborative environment by acknowledging each individual's and team’s strengths and goals, seamlessly aligning them with the broader business needs to empower teams.


Tailoring a fitting design process and approach that aligns with the product's stage, ensuring the desired end results are achieved effectively.


From initiating initial design concepts to scaling existing product designs, my strength lies in identifying key user experience problems and translating them into tangible, effective product designs.


Welcome to my portfolio, where creativity meets purpose, and every design is a step towards a better future.

Shaping the Unique Value Proposition Through Design

How the Design Process Guided the Discovery and Market Traction of AI-powered Solutions Crafted to Fit into the User’s World


Fire Department Risk Mitigation Platform Design

Revolutionizing fire department risk mitigation through data-driven decision-making

Leading the Charge

Harnessing Design Process to Maximize Customer Value in CA Accelerator's Innovation Journey

AA Discovery Bot.png

DiscoveryBot - Charting the Course

Prioritization and persona-centric expansion

CA Technologies
Designing for Data Analytics Platform

Complete Data Analytics Platform to Support Over $600M Portfolio Products

Pashadliec city page.png

Reinforce Our User's Journey Through Product

Enhancing product experience and delivering added value for our landscape photographer users


Optimizing Landing Page Design to Achieve Business Goals

Landing page design improvement through A/B testing for landscape photographers


Online Shopping Experience Improvement for Urban Working Moms

Desktop and mobile design improvement for online grocery store

LegalMatch laptop.png

Improving the Home Page Conversion Rate

Revamped LegalMatch homepage with visual updates alone, achieving a significant improvement rate of 29.3%


Establishing Consistency Throughout the Analytics Product Experience

Hitachi Data Analytics Project

“Kyoko demonstrated outstanding leadership and influential skills in driving end-to-end design topics across multiple organizations."

Joav Bally 

Group Vice President, Product Management & Engineering @Oracle

Get in touch

You can reach out to me for design, research & facilitation.

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